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Anisha Ramakrishna Net Worth – Is It Over $1 Million? Husband & Family




There are a lot of people who are interested in learning more about Anisha Ramakrishna’s wealth, as she is a cast member on the show “Family Karma.” Learn more about her by conducting additional research.

The reality television show “Family Karma,” which airs on Bravo and follows prominent Indian-Americans living in Miami, Florida, has been picked up for a third season.

In season 3, the romantic relationships of the reality stars will be analysed to determine how much they have changed from the previous season. Vishal and Rica tie the knot during a Bollywood-themed ceremony that takes place over the course of three days in Mexico. A “Big Fat Indian Wedding” is featured in the first episode of “Family Karma,” which aired on November 6. However, it seems that things are going well in the love lives of the other Bravolebrities as well.

Anisha Ramakrishna, one of the people that make up the cast of the show, just tied the knot with her boyfriend, who might or might not be a part of the programme. After she got engaged, she couldn’t contain her excitement and talked about it on her podcast called “Currently Cringing.” The actors from “Family Karma” were overjoyed to find out this, and they have continued to support her ever since.

Quick Facts of Anisha Ramakrishna
Full Name Anisha Ramakrishna
Age (2022) 38-years old
Birth Date September 22, 1984
Birth Place Calcutta, India
Profession tv personality, entrepreneur
Martial Status Married
Net Worth $1 million
Anisha Ramakrishna’s Net Worth: Is It Over $1 Million?
According to, it is estimated that Anisha Ramakrisha has a net worth of one hundred thousand dollars. She is almost certainly one of the most private reality stars in the history of the genre.

She held the position of Vice President of Product Development for Private Label Brands at Tahari, ASL, where she worked for a period of six years. New York City-based Tahari, ASL is a line of women’s clothing that bears its namesake. During her time with the company, Anisha was able to acquire the skills and expertise necessary to found her own fashion label.

Anisha’s first collection of women’s clothing, titled “Currently,” was released the same year (2017). In addition, her clothing line is inclusive, so it caters to women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. The consumer demographics that “Currently” caters to are diverse and all-inclusive.

Anisha made the decision to move back to her hometown so that she could afford to run her business properly and do it efficiently. Anisha moved back to Miami to be with her parents and further her education in the business world after living in New York City for a number of years.

She not only has a clothing line, but she also sells things through an internet store that she owns and operates called No Sharam. No Sharam is a store that sells a variety of items for “Family Karma” fans. This merchandise includes everything from sweatpants to wine tumblers.

What’s more, Anisha also has her podcast, dubbed “Currently Cringing.” The podcast delves into every aspect of Anisha’s life, from the dating world she navigates in the modern day to her worries about the COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition, Anisha advertises all of her business ventures on the Instagram account that bears her name (@anshramakrishna). She has posted more than 4,800 images on the network, including shots of her friends, her professional activities, and behind-the-scenes looks at “Family Karma.” She has approximately 98k fan followers on the network.

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Anisha Ramakrishna’s Husband
Anisha Ramakrishna, who acted in “Family Karma,” says that she and her husband went on four dates before she realised she loved him. The star from Bravo revealed that she had only been married for a little over a month at the time of her admission.

She responded with sarcasm to a question about whether or not it is challenging to retain privacy while filming a reality programme by saying that their marriage is successful because he is never around.

Before getting married, Anisha and her husband dated for a total of one and a half years before tying the knot. In an interview she gave to The Daily Dish, Anisha stated that she fell in love with him on their fourth date, which took place over the course of a weekend in Miami. She also mentioned that after a few months of dating “like a normal person,” he started to feel the same way about her as she did about him.

Anisha also claimed that throughout the proposals, she felt like she wanted to punch someone in the face, but instead, most people were crying happy tears. At first, he proposed to her in the comfort of their own home. When it turned out that the ring was too big for her finger, the reality star realised that she still wanted another shot.

The couple gave the ring back and decided to give themselves a deadline, but the day they chose turned out to be a poor choice according to her astrologer because it was a day with a dark moon.

The future husband and wife chose an alternative time and setting for the engagement proposal. Due to the fact that the day did not go according to plan, the actor from “Family Karma” was both unhappy and irritated.

But all of that is in the past for her now that she has tied the knot with the man of her fantasies, and she is happiest than she has ever been. Fans of “Family Karma” won’t get to see the Bravo star’s husband during the third season of the show. She said to ET that despite the fact that she was willing to discuss her personal life with the media, her partner was not.

Anisha confirms she is officially married

Anisha confirms she is officially married

Anisha Ramakrishna’s Age and Early Life
The year 2022 marks the beginning of Anisha Ramakrishna’s 38th year on this planet. The 22nd of September, 1984 is the day she was born.

After her birth in Calcutta, India, her family moved to Miami when she was a small child. Her birthplace was in India. Anisha has been carving her own road toward independence, despite the fact that it is customary and respected in India for children to live with their parents until the time that they get married.

During the time when she was in her twenties and living on her own in New York City, Anisha was employed in the fashion industry. During the time that she spent in New York City, she is reported to have had a “fantastic career,” “a secure relationship,” “a vast network of friends,” and “her apartment in the city,” among other things.

However, Anisha’s formerly independent way of life underwent a dramatic shift after she made the decision to create her own clothes business. Because she did not have the necessary amount of investment capital, Anisha was forced to go back to the home she shared with her parents in South Florida in order to “make the necessary adjustments to realise her objective of opening her firm.”

Some FAQs
How much is Anisha Ramakrishna’s net worth?
It is anticipated that Anisha Ramakrishna, a reality television celebrity as well as an entrepreneur, has a net worth of approximately one million dollars.

Who is Anisha Ramakrishna’s husband?
Despite the fact that Anisha Ramakrishna only recently tied the knot, the identity of her future husband or wife has not been revealed. They had been dating for over a year prior to recently getting married and exchanging vows.

How old is Anisha Ramakrishna?
As of the year 2022, Anisha Ramakrishna will have reached the age of 38. She was born on September 22nd, 1984 in the city of Calcutta, which is located in India.