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All Black Axe Confraternity Slangs, hierarchy, and other info



All Black Axe Confraternity Slangs

Black Axe Confraternity is probably going one of many oldest and strongest Confraternity in Nigeria. The black axe was acknowledged to have better than 30,000 members in every single place on the planet.


On this text, we’ll deal with 13 of their frequent and hottest slang.  We could even discuss some related questions frequent to the black axe.  You will want to remember that the black axe Confraternity will be known as NBM, that The Neo Black Movement.

All Black Axe Confraternity Slangs

All Black Axe Confraternity Slangs-

All Black Axe Confraternity Slangs-

13 Black Axe Confraternity slangs and their which suggests

1. ITJ (Intending Ju): 

It means a non-member. Which suggests a person who’s going to change into a member.

2. INJ: 

In-Ju refers to members of 1 different cult.

3. AYE:

a campus member. They’re additionally known as Temple Aye. Aye will be an abbreviation of African Youth Empowerment.

4. LORD:

A graduate member.

5. Jollification/Jolly: 

The gathering of members for initiation and occasions.

6. Mixing/Bamming:

Initiation into the cult. Bam is used as an expression of approval i.e you bam

7. LP (“Elpee”):

Jolly music. It’s a gyrating music among the many many members.

8. Tingo/Hen:

A member of the Eiye confraternity (Airlords), the rival cult hated most by NBM

9. Baggers:

Members of the Buccaneers Confraternity (Sealords), one different rival cult of NBM.

10. Sturdy title (SN):

A popularity that is given at initiation.

11. Garments:

Members of the confraternity have a uniform of varieties that consists of black, white, and yellow.

12. Janet:

The time interval is used for punishment, notably beating with a cane or whip.

13. H.I.T. /play hit:

Killing any individual, principally members of various confraternities.


Related inquiries to cultism in Nigeria

What is the which suggests of Egede?

it was initially used as a time interval for greeting with the battle of forearms, additional these days moreover used for drums.

What is the black AXE slogan?

In all probability essentially the most recognized slogan associated to the Black axe confraternity is equality and social justice for all.

What does 0147 suggest in NBM?

The usually-used code 147 means one for seven.

What is the which suggests of LP in NBM?

LP or Elpee is a time interval for a joyful music. It is used when the NBM members are gyrating collectively.

What is the 7 hierarchy of NBM?

  • Axe Head or Temple’s head
  • Chief Priest
  • Chairman and his COE (Council of Elders)
  • Chief Butcher and his Butchers or Now rebranded as Marshalls
  • Chief Ihaza and his Ihazas
  • Chief Eye and his Eyes
  • Chief Crier and his Criers

Who betrayed NBM?

Janet was the girlfriend of one in every of many founders. In accordance with NBM, it was acknowledged that she betrayed the movement. It was rumoured that she was beheaded for that motive.

Who’s the nationwide head of NBM?

Chief Felix Kupa. Felix Kupa turned the model new head of NBM, he has striven to point a softer, additional beneficent side of the group.

What is the motto of NBM?

The motto of the NBM is ​equality and social justice for all.

When was black AXE based mostly?

The NBM was based mostly on the seventh July 1977, 44 years up to now in the mean time.

Which is the strongest Confraternity in Nigeria?

  • The Nationwide Associations of Sea Lords (Buccaneers Confraternity).
  • The Black Axe Confraternity/The Neo-Black Movement of Africa.
  • Pyrates Confraternity(Nationwide Affiliation of Seadogs)
  • The Supreme Eiye Confraternity

Is Style a cultist?

Flavour, a most popular Nigerian musician is claimed to be an alleged cultist, this means as of now they’re no proof to assist it. Although Style has been observed ending up various cult-themed traditions. The has been seen amongst some Aiye frat-mates.

Who based mostly cultism?

Wole Soyinka was one in every of many first founders of cultism.

Who first launched cultism to Nigeria?

Wole Soyinka

The origin of cultism in Nigeria has been traced to the Seadog confraternity additionally known as Pyrates. The seadogs had been based mostly by Wole Soyinka and 6 others on the Faculty of Ibadan in 1952.


All Black Axe Confraternity Slangs

All Black Axe Confraternity Slangs

All Black Axe Confraternity Slangs