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28-year-old lady set to divorce husband 5 months into marriage after finding out she’s older than him



28-year-old lady set to divorce husband 5 months into marriage after finding out she’s older than him

A 28-year-old Nigerian lady is feeling betrayed and confused because the man she got married to lied about his age.

She found out five months after marriage that he is actually younger than her but he claimed to be 32 years old when they were dating.


The story was shared by a friend who said that the lady is not angry about the fact that she’s older than her husband, rather her grouse is due to him not being honest with her that he was younger.

The wife is even angrier at him for not being remorseful now that the truth is out.

She is apparently compemplating getting a divorce because she does not feel comfortable with the alternative which is to live with her hubby as a stranger.

Read the write-up; ”So… She got married to this guy. During courtship the guy told her he was 32 while the girl was 28.

Five months into marriage she found out the guy lie about his age, she isn’t mad about the fact that he lied but she is older than him… and she hates the fact that he is not even sorry for what he did. She is literally confused if to live with him like a stranger or end the marriage. She feels she is married to her younger brother.”

Similarly, a man has reportedly divorced his wife after two years of marriage over an issue of name change which is expected whenever a woman becomes a wife.

Friend of the man, lyke Orji, took to Facebook to narrate how the couple’s union has been shaky because the woman who is apparently famous on social media refused to take his surname.

According to the man, his buddie asked his wife to change her father’s name to his own in all her documents and social media handles but she refused.

He asked her to get an affidavit and change her surname including her bank details but she said that it will ruin her identifty and brand because she has been known with her father’s name.

The husband insisted but she said that rather than changing her name, she would prefer to end the marriage.

Orji wrote; So one of my friends just divorced the wife four days ago

A marriage of 2 years.

What was the issue? It was something Very little that matured and loyal minds could tackle.

He asked the Lady to edit her father’s name in all her handles to Their surname since they’re now married.

He asked her to get a court affidavit to change even her Bank details, and other stuffs relating to her that bore her father’s name

The lady refused on the grounds that it will ruin her followers, identity and other things and things..

Guy was calm, the Mr and Mrs so so so and so na for only Marriage certificate no other place.

The lady said she rather quit than changing her surname. This issue has been going on and on for two years

Dear ladies, do whatever that pleases

Dear Men, do whatever that pleases you, if I advice you ever Again, make I bend.

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