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Benjamin Levy Aguilar To Play Series Regular Dante Torres On Chicago PD As Jesse Lee Soffer Leaves




Because Benjamin Levy Aguilar will be a series regular on Chicago P.D. Season 10, viewers are curious to learn more about his upcoming endeavor.

In the television series Chicago, Benjamin Levy Aguilar from Guatemala plays Dante Torres. Prior to being cast as Dante Torres, P.D. Aguilar played the brief guest role of Franco Chavaro.

Chicago P.D. will return with season 10 in the fall of 2022. Even though the entire cast of the show hasn’t been made public yet, an interesting new character is returning.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar, who played new recruit Dante Torres in season 9, will now be a series regular when the show starts. Here is all we know at this time.

Who Is Benjamin Levy Aguilar Plays Dante Torres On Chicago PD?
In Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 18, “New Guard,” played by actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar, Dante Torres made his acting debut. As implied by the names, Torres is paired with Jay Halstead.

He’s difficult to pin down, yet he quickly proves his wit and street smarts. Hank Voight’s revelation that a gang member may have penetrated the police department, however, causes Halstead to feel apprehensive.

When Halstead thought Torres had pushed his stepfather into a wheelchair, he appeared to have made a serious error of judgment. Despite assertions to the contrary, Torres only beat his stepfather because he was abusing his mother.

He first called the police several times, but they never showed up. This inactivity inspired Torres to join the police department and work to change things.

Furthermore, Season 10 of Chicago P.D. will see Benjamin Levy Aguilar reprise his Dante Torres role, according to Deadline. The show will return on September 21, 2022, after brand-new episodes of Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Wikipedia & Age
The birthplace of Benjamin Levy Aguilar is Guatemala, a country in Central America. He is of Spanish descent. Because of his early soccer prowess, he was sought out and later moved to Italy to play with the legendary AC Milan youth club.

He quit his job as a result of his femur injury. Later, Benjamin started practicing the Israeli “Krav Maga” self-defense method, eventually becoming a black belt.

As a result of his training in evasive driving and tactical shooting, he was able to participate in high-profile events like the 2011 Guatemalan Presidential Elections.

At the age of 18, Benjamin decided to move to Hollywood and begin a new life. He takes pleasure in playing emotional, multidimensional characters.

Most people know Aguilar for his ground-breaking role as Antonio Rivera in Fox’s “Filthy Rich.” In the Netflix original series “The Woman in the House Across the Street From The Girl With The Window,” he most recently co-starred with Kristen Bell as Rex Bakke.


Who Is Benjamin Levy Aguilar Girlfriend?
All of Benjamin Levy Aguilar’s admirers and followers are extremely interested in his relationship.

However, if you were hoping to find that the dashing man is single, you’ll be disappointed because he is seeing Olivia Macklin, an actress who co-stars with Emily Osment in the hilarious Netflix series Pretty Smart.

Since the two have been dating since 2020, he has temporarily taken himself off the market.

Despite the fact that Benjamin hasn’t publicly acknowledged his connection with the actress, they might soon exchange vows! On social media, the actor and actress routinely share pictures.

Who Is Benjamin Levy Aguilar Girlfriend Olivia Macklin? Meet The Couple On Instagram
Benjamin Levy Aguilar is considered to be the best actor in the United States who can play a variety of roles. In the following article, further information about the athlete is provided if you scroll down.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar is an actor who is best recognized for his role as Antonio Rivera in the film Filthy Rich, which takes place in the year 2020. Aguilar is best known for this role.

In addition, he has acted in a number of different television shows, including Chicago P.D., Before Dawn, and others. It is reported that he started working in the film industry in the year 2018. As an actor, he has also been doing quite well for himself so far, judging by the films he has been in thus far.

Who Is Benjamin Levy Aguilar Girlfriend Olivia Macklin? Dating Life Explored
There is a strong indication that Benjamin is romantically involved with Olivia Leigh Macklin.

On the other hand, there is a lack of particular information surrounding their connection, making it appear as though we do not know whether or not they are married.

It appears that the two have been dating since 2019 and are currently living together in happy wedded bliss.

On Instagram, Olivia, who is dating Benjamin, can be found posting under the handle @olivialeighmacklin. She has a following of more than 40,100 people on that platform.

Olivia is a member of the Royal Tampa Academy of Dramatic Tricks, as stated in her Instagram bio, which can be found here.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Parents
Benjamin Levy Aguilar was born in the country of Guatemala in Central America, but his parents’ identities have never been revealed. His ancestry may be traced back to Spain.

Because he was such a talented soccer player from a young age, he was eventually chosen to compete for the youth team of AC Milan, which is one of the most successful soccer clubs in the world. Because of the fracture to his femur, his career was cut short.

Benjamin was eventually successful in attaining the rank of black belt in the Israeli martial art known as “Krav Maga.” In addition, he has training in both Tactical Shooting and Evasive Driving, which enabled him to work on high-profile events such as the Guatemalan Presidential Elections in 2011 and other important gatherings.

At the age of 18, the actor made the decision to leave his hometown and begin a new life in Hollywood. He is more interested in playing characters that are emotionally sophisticated and nuanced.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Net Worth Explored
In the year 2022, it is anticipated that actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar has a net worth of approximately $1.2 million.

His IMDB page indicates that he has been in nearly 10 films, and he has expressed interest in participating in television dramatizations. It comes as quite a shock to hear that he has also directed a few movies.

Benjamin Levi Aguilar has an extremely huge following among his fans. He leads all users in the number of followers they have on Instagram.

His handle on Instagram is @benjaminlevyaguilar, and you can find him there. At the time this article was written, he had over 18 thousand followers and had posted 33 times.

Because the actor is still relatively young despite having a significant amount of experience in the business, he will almost surely be able to add a significant amount of money to his savings.